What is Nigerian army basic training?

Everyone knows that serving in Nigerian army is a very prestigious occupation. However, have you thought how hard it is to become a professional in this field? What is Nigerian army basic training? You will find the answer in our article below.

Advantages of serving in Nigerian army

The army of Nigeria is the biggest component of the Nigerian Armed Forces. It is responsible for all land war operations. Nigerian Army Council governs the army. Presently, the Nigerian Army is believed to be one of the better-equipped fighting forces in Africa. It stands all the impacts of Nigeria security challenges, particularly the Boko Haram.

Nigerian army basic training is divided into two parts: Advanced individual training and Basic combat training.

Basic combat training (BCT) consists of the first ten weeks of the total Basic training cycle.

Actually, basic combat training is a special exercise course that must convert civilians into real soldiers. Over the course, recruits will have to study both basic survival and tactical skills. They will also have to learn how to rappel, shoot, and march. In addition, they will learn the basics of the Nigerian army life and the key military customs.

Before you board on your real soldier career, you will have to know what to take, and what not to take, and how to get ready for the factual man`s army voyage.

Army preparation checklist

Please read the subsequent information attentively. It will help you to make your changeover from civilian to severe army life much easier. We have listed below all the necessary items that you would better bring with you. Therefore, here is the list:

  • Four sets of underwear;
  • One-day stock of casual, comfy clothing;
  • Two pairs of comfortable shoes;
  • One pair of calf-length athletic socks;
  • Eyeglasses, except stylish ones;
  • Safety razor with a couple of blades;
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste;
  • A towel and a washcloth;
  • Shaving cream (it is an option for women);
  • Anti-perspirant;
  • Shower slippers;
  • Shampoo;
  • Soap and soap case (obligatory).

Advanced Individual Training

The Nigerian army basic training stages

According to the Nigerian army basic training requirements, several stages are obligatory for each soldier. Here they are.

Red stage

The Army makes sure that each definite recruit both mentally and physically is ready to start basic combat training.

The main Red stage schedule steps:

  • Recruits arrive for overall orientation. They and receive haircuts and issued Nigerian army uniforms.
  • Basic tactical training starts after the Chemical Defense, Nuclear Biological, Landmine Defense and rappelling at the self-assurance tower.
  • Recruits learn about the entire necessary Nigerian army inheritance and the chief army values.
  • Recruits experience the Nigerian army physical capability test to determine their physical ability. This test is necessary to all soldiers throughout their mobilization periods to guarantee that they reach their top physical state.

White stage

During this stage, all recruits must go through marksmanship and basic combat training. They also must study how to rappel. This training`s aim is not just to teach Nigerian soldiers all the necessary treasured skills, but also to implant self-confidence, undoubtedly.

The main White stage schedule steps:

  • Situational training exercises;
  • Engagement skills;
  • Basic rifle marksmanship;
  • Tactical foot march;
  • Confidence Obstacle Course;
  • Field Training Exercises.

Blue stage

When all Nigerian army recruits have become familiar with correct using of automatic guns, they will have to pass a special test. It is an obligatory issue.

The main Blue stage schedule steps:

  • Guns training;
  • The strongest field training exercises.
  • Tactical foot march (ten and fifteen kilometers).

Advanced individual training consists of the remainder of the total basic training period, and is where recruits train in the specifics of their chosen field. As such, AIT is different for each available Army career path, or Military Occupational Specialty (MOS). AIT courses can last anywhere from 2 to 48 weeks. Soldiers are still continually tested for physical fitness and weapons proficiency, and are subject to the same duties, strict daily schedule, and disciplinary rules as in BCT.

Nigerian army basic training

The main training establishments in Nigeria contain the respected officer educational institutions. They are:

  • Nigerian Defense Academy (Kaduna);
  • The Armed Forces Command and Staff College (Jaji);
  • The National War College (Abuja).

In addition, Nigeria has pursued recently a policy of developing domestic military and basic training production capabilities. The country keeps on a severe policy of diversification in its military obtaining from numerous countries.

Advantages of serving in Nigerian army

Military personnel definitely do not earn tremendous salaries. Then the money is not why anyone wishes to join Nigerian army.

Military members are rewarded with considerable perceptible and immaterial benefits. Here are just definite advantages of serving in Nigerian army:

Nigerian army

  • Advanced Technical and Specialty Training
  • Free Room & Board and Tax-Free Housing & Food Allowances
  • 30 Days of Vacation per Year

30 Days of Vacation per Year

  • Cash Bonuses
  • Substantial discounts and deals throughout the private sector (link to Deals center)
  • The pride and honor of serving your country

The pride and honor of serving your country

  • World travel
  • Health & Dental Care for you and your family
  • Being part of a larger family with a proud history
  • Pension

Nigerian soldiers are training

Nigerian soldiers are training in bathroom slippers

The Nigerian army has just been put on blast by these photos taken of Nigerian army soldiers of the third armored division in Kotangora. These shameful images show the soldiers training without any uniforms or equipment and as if that isn’t bad enough they are wearing bathroom slippers!

Many Nigerians want to ask a president a certain question: Are these soldiers being trained to fight Boko Haram?

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Nigerian soldiers are training hard

This has to be brought to President Buhari’s attention, something must be done to address it. People say that this is highly embarrassing.

Watch the video:

Slapping as a basic army training

This may be part of the reason the world will never take the Nigerian Army serious, especially in regards to fighting terrorism. Instead of using intelligence to support the country's weak national security, Nigerian soldiers are busy slapping each other under the illusion of basic army training.

Watch video of Nigerian Army slapping each other as an essential part of army basic training:

The popular comic actor Ime Bishop comments the video in the following way:

“This is gladiatorial arts! These soldiers are re-enacting Ancient Rome. That is what the soldiers are doing! When the President went to the USA to implore their assistance in military might and weaponry to fight to Boko Haram, Barack Obama was hands-tied. According to him, the USA is a land of laws and they do not lend military support to countries whose military have been involved in human rights violations. This cruelty is a pointer to that and I thank you for mirroring this out for public scrutiny.”


Basic combat training has made both all the recruits' bodies and minds and to quite different limits. BCT gives them all much deeper admiration for themselves and those who are around them. Nowadays, it is high time to celebrate their best efforts and the real strong suit they have already experienced.


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