What makes a good manager?

If you set a goal to conquer the career Olympus, this article will help you to understand how to be a better manager.


If you want to be a good leader, you must know what qualities you need to have and which it’s better to get rid of!

Well, not all people can become managers. Those who can’t, often don't want to take responsibility and become an object of hatred of the collective. Those that crave power are sometimes too stupid and lazy to cope with the tasks.

If you set a goal to conquer the career Olympus, this article will help you to understand how to be a better manager.

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Can anyone be a good manager?

The main mistake that people tend to make is thinking that manager is a person who knows everything about everyone. The thing is that he doesn't have to be a super-expert in all areas.

good manager

The tasks of a manager are:

  • to organize collective work so that employees with narrow specialization can work effectively and don’t lack anything
  • to solve any organizational problems.

For example, if we are talking about the main editor of the newspaper, he is not obliged to write skillfully, to make unique photos, to know how to work with all existing computer programs, and at the same time to be able to repair office equipment.

manager qualities

Instead, what he has to do is:

  • to know which text and illustrations are necessary for making the book popular among the readers;
  • to provide the employees with everything they need, from stationery to official transport;
  • to be a good psychologist and establish a normal microclimate in the team.
  • to be able to negotiate the most difficult interviews;
  • to know where and whom to call to fix a burst pipe or a broken printer;
  • to protect the subordinates from dissatisfying publications of government officials, ordinary readers, etc.

How to become a good manager: is it difficult?

Many ambitious careerists do not think about whether they will be able to manage. They just want power and a big salary, thinking: "Ah, I will learn everything I need."  Before thinking how to become a good manager, you need to soberly assess your own set of personal qualities and character flaws.

manager and employees

The potential of a manager depends on his ability to change. This is probably the most difficult thing in life: change is always frightening. But in a constantly changing business changes are necessary. The manager should encourage staff members to try innovations and take risks in whatever field they work. Another necessary quality of a good manager is to enable their people to be fully responsible for what they do. You should allow them to make independent decisions.

A great manager needs to be:

  • smart;
  • responsible;
  • to know the basic rules of time management;
  • mentally stable;
  • punctual;
  • to be able to overcome the fears;
  • careful;
  • bold;
  • easy learner;
  • active;

A great manager needs to get rid of such qualities as:

  • laziness;
  • quarrelsomeness;
  • pettiness;
  • anger;
  • authoritarianism;
  • stupidity;
  • disorganization;
  • revenge;
  • apathy.

Naturally, this is not all the qualities that should be present/absent but you should start with them.


Some mistakes of the manager.

  • Irresponsibility and desire to dump your work on others. A manager is the one who first rushes into the breach and effectively solves all questions and problems. That is what he gets paid for.

  • To call the boss all the time. A manager should be able to solve problems without the external help.  
  • Not appreciating the employees. You shouldn’t take everything and everyone for granted.
  • The inability to organize work.
  • Unwillingness to improve their skills.
  • The misappropriation of other people's merits.
  • The vulnerability of the team.

So, to become a good leader, you need to work hard, even not as much on your professional qualities, as on the individual.


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