What salary do policemen get in Nigeria?

How much money does Assistant Superintendent of Police on grade 8 get per month and annually? In what conditions does the average worker leave? Read the information below to learn all the facts.

policeman in Nigeria

Many Nigerians interest how much money does policeman in Nigeria receive monthly. We will show you all list of Nigerian structure of salary that you had an idea of the level of average annual salary of the worker of public service. You will see the newest list of Nigerian salary of the police officer. But before you start studying, it is worth to remember that the average monthly salary of the police officer in Nigeria depends on his or her category in the structure.


Monthly salary, thousands Naira

Yearly salary, thousands Naira

Police recruit*



Police Constable Grade, level 3



Police Constable Grade, level 10






Sergeant of grade 5



Sergeant Major



Cadet inspector, grade 7



Assistant Superintendent, grade 8, step 1



Assistant Superintendent, grade 8, step 10



Assistant Superintendent, grade 9



*You should remember that recruit is not an official rank of the police officer. Those who are trained then receive the police officer's position.

policeman salary

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Assistant Superintendent of Police on grade 8 on step 10 has the biggest salary. But if you think that after going to service you are expected by big policeman salary, you are mistaken. Policeman job is not only dangerous, but also sometimes doesn't make profit. Especially rank-and-file members are people from one of the most low-paid professions. Perhaps, someone will remember a sad example of Sylvanus Udo who doesn't know how to support his wife and four children, to pay for training at school, to rent housing and to buy food for salary at a rate of N40,000 after 25 years of work as the police officer.

His colleagues live in police barracks, with additional N7,000, which they sometimes receive as an award. Tens of thousands of officials of Nigerian police receive the worst salary even in the West African region, and the most injured is the category of foot soldiers, who spend decades on duty, but don't receive promotion, good accommodation or high salary.

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Ghanaian police officers earn more money, than their Nigerian colleagues, best training and welfare. The owner of Police Constable Grade in Ghana receives about N77,000. In Nigeria, unfortunate officials live in started areas in limits and out of barracks and go to job within many months far away from the broken vehicles, unfinished buildings and garages. Analysts believe that such small income promotes increase in corruption and unrestrained attack on civilians by personnel.

Some police officers beyond the law use motorcycles to give a ride to passengers around the city during the reserve periods to earn some additional money. However, not so long ago the government has forbidden use of motorcycles in the state. The history of the sergeant in many respects reflects regrettable conditions thousands of Nigerian police personnel, who work daily in the conditions of the increasing corruption and decline in production.

What salary do policemen get in Nigeria

With the high prices of housing, workers make poor excuse of houses within barracks to place a family. They give the sum of money to the corrupted high-ranking official at rate of N10,000 for several square meters of the earth near the gorge. By means of the nonprofessional carpenter, they build a house, using parts of woods, tarpaulins of a billboard and zinc sheets. Such conditions are shocking and terrifying. So before getting a job of the police officer, think whether you are ready to spend many hours of time for work, which is paid with such small salary.

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