Who is a leader?

Leadership is a very powerful ability. It can do much good for you and for others, so learn how to become a leader and utilize this ability to make impact and change the world for better.

Leader is a responsible person, someone who knows where to turn or what to do, because leaders are experts and influencers in their realm. Are you a leader? Just turn around and see if anyone follows you. That is what leaders do; they get people united around one goal and motivate them to work hard enough and move towards that goal long enough to accomplish it.
Who is a leader?

Today we view leaders as successful people. That is why so many of us desire and aspire to become leaders; we set goals to grow as leaders. Yet, we do need to get a distinct clue of who leader is. Else, we will not be able to arrive to the unknown destination. Nigeria certainly needs great leaders in politics, in economics, in manufacturing and in its spiritual life. Strong and honest leadership can turn around the destiny of Nigeria and its people. So, let us gain deep understanding of who is leader and what leader does.

What you do is not the main priority; it is who you are that really matters. Do what’s right.

10 top marks of a good supervisor

1. Growth
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The first and utmost on this list stands the power to grow. A leader has to understand how to attain personal growth and development. Once you learn how to improve your own self, you learn how to benefit others. You see, proper leader is not a person trying to stay upfront  at any price. They do not suppress those they lead. On the contrary, they do everything thinkable to help their team fellows to flourish and advance to the fullest, using all their capacity and abilities for the wellbeing of the team.

Leaders are not born that way; they get developed in a specific way that transforms them into leaders. A new research has pointed out 4 key elements that help people attain leadership. One of them is mentoring. You cannot become a leader all on your own and in complete isolation. You need other people, their experience and support to help you grow.

Jesus said: it’s enough for a disciple grows up to the level of his tutor. Meaning since you know who you want to become, pick your mentors wisely. You cannot outgrow them until you follow them. Be around right people and learn from them. Take value and give it back to them to create meaningful relationships.

2. Communication
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Leader is not a solo player. The focus is on other people. Leadership has to uplift others and empower them to do more. This is another key element that shapes leaders – networking. Down below you can find all four of them together in a list to assist you in your leadership development.

Networking or team work is impossible without excellent communication skills. You get your mentors, but being a leader you become a mentor. You should be able to hear others, understand them and share with them. You need to gain the knack of getting your ideas communicated to your team in an inspiring and motivating fashion.

3. Team work
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One cannot conquer alone. It’s true. Yes, a good leader is a multitasker, but they also know how to build up a great team around them. People make difference. They are the most valuable asset you may possess. What is leadership? It is the knack of getting other folks on board with you, fall in love with what they do and stay dedicated to the work until they get the outcomes.

4. Delegation

The inability to delegate can easily break down a good leader. People burn out if they do too much. “If you want to get it done well, do it yourself” is not a proper approach for a leader. You see, anybody can discover how to do things well, but only true leaders can teach others do the same. That is what leaders are for.

Who is a leader? It’s not someone who generates all the ideas and puts them to practices; rather it is someone who hears ideas of other people and knows how to unite them to get things done. A leader knows the ways to turn dreams into reality. 

5. Integrity
Who is a leader? 5This section involves honesty and ability to acknowledge one’s mistakes. People have to be able to trust their leader. The integrity should manifest in words and in actions. If someone cannot keep their word, they are not a leader. The entire life of a leader should support his claims to leadership.

6. Positive mind
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Never negative thinking can deliver positive results. A leader has to believe in the set goals and in the destination, where his takes his people. They have to be the source of that confidence and excitement about the projects, goals, dreams or tasks.

They need to believe the impossible to make it possible. Positive atmosphere is the key to success. Positivity is contagious as well as negativity is. So, a good leader is a dreamer and a source of encouragement for his team.

7. Vision
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Another key leadership attribute is the gift to visualize things and to focus. Yes, surely as a leader you need to be a multitasker, but at the same time you have to learn how to set urgencies and focus all your energy and attention on pursuing your goals without distraction.

A good leader has the knack to see through momentary obstacles, trouble and turmoil and get fixed on the target and the process of attaining it; nothing can throw you off track in this pursuit. Many people get distracted and lose their goals out of sight. They start well but have hard time finishing the race.

Proper vision has to be maintained through bad and good times. There could be situations, when vision gets clouded down. A leader is the one responsible to prevent people from sliding down from their main goals into daily routine. Vision has to be fired up and maintained to keep the focus on the results instead of getting lost in the process. 

8. Creativity
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Surely things do not always turn out precisely the way you plan them. Simply put creativity is the ability to adapt to the plan change and find adequate solutions for the challenge. Creativity takes you off the beaten path. It puts you out of competition, because you do not take the easy beaten path. Instead you come up with out of the box ideas and get the situation under control.

9. Who is a leader? 6Motivation

The role of a leader involves creating the culture around them. Culture is the first and utmost element of success. It can consume your or build you up.

Leader sets corporate cultural standards and approaches. He motivates other people to sustain that culture and nurture it. Proper culture can become a powerful tool of motivation and restiveness.

There are several types of leadership. One of them is exercised through creating inspiriting and motivating culture to guide your people along the right path.

10. Knowledge
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You cannot teach others what you do not know. A good leader never stops in his or her development. They never say: I know enough. Presently, the majority of companies require much higher level of knowledge of their leaders than they used to do. It is not enough to be a knowledgeable leader in your area of expertise.

Let’s say you lead the IT department. It’s not enough to be good at IT only. A quality leader has a broader prospect on things. They know how the entire company and market operate; they can deliver valuable ideas on the overall performance; they are intuitive in their leadership. This means they do need to know a lot.  

The main elements of leadership:

  • Who is a leader 9Culture
    It can eat us up or build us up. It is crucial for a leader to be a part of the right culture. This culture has to be innate to you. It should stimulate your further development and growth. It should not set limits or cut off your abilities and talents.
  •  Mentors
    They can deliver value and make us grow up to their level. It is not about having official mentors. Your family, your friends, your co-workers and other people around you can become your informal mentors. They share their lives with you. They motivate you and make you grow.
  •  Networks
    Networking increases your personal capacity to deliver the best work. Alone you can do only this much, but being a part of a network or a partnership enables you to boost your performance. Leaders are not solo players; they develop excellent networking skills.
  •  Confidence
    As we learn about ourselves and enjoy what we learn, it helps us to stay on course and become leaders. There is an edge that one should not cross. There is a difference between self-confidence and bravado. Self-confidence is when you know that you know that you know you can do it. It involves a certain measure of faith. You need to believe in yourself and in others, too.

 These things help leaders to make it through the challenges and become successful. Who is a leader? It is someone with well-developed personality; someone who never stops growing and never gives up. 


A leader is someone who leads people towards a common goal. He is able to lead and be in control of what comes into his sphere of influence.

The leader is the one who can bring order in the environment.

You've been asking questions ever order in the environment? Did the house cleaning? Fed animals? Soothed a crying child? Helped friends settle a fight? In these moments you restore order in the area, which was a mess. Where it was not removed – was clean, someone was hungry, now he is full of energy, someone was upset – now all settled. All are examples of disorder in which you put things in order. In these situations you have used the qualities of a leader!

The leader is not the person who merely occupies any post or position, and gives the instructions. The leader is not the one who is able to scream, to yell at the staff, and not someone who 'just' devalues and chastises you for the mistake.

Do not think that the leader is serious man, just the opposite! Very often leaders have a good sense of humor.

Answered 1 year ago.

The main features of the leader are very useful for us to understand wether the person is trully may leed you to the success or he or she just wants to do it but has not any special abilities. To my mind, the qualities of the leader appear since the moment when the person borns. But sometimes they may appear at some lifes circumstances, when the person has to make some serious decissions from which depends the rest of their life. Anyway, it is very important to know this qualities in order to know wether you can relly on the person or not.

Answered 2 years ago.
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