Who is a nurse

Who is a nurse and what are her responsibilities? Find out more about this job here!

The nurse a specialist in the field of nursing; she is also a professional assistant of the doctor.

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Job Features

A doctor examines the patient and prescribes treatment. But somebody has to do the other things as doctors won’t be able to do all the work themselves. For example, nurses make injections, put bandage on the wound, give medicine, and check the temperature and so on.

Nurse is responsible for all this stuff. Nurses are mostly women but there’s also an opportunity for men to become nurse too.

Often, the nurse communicates with the patients even more than the doctor. And the success of the treatment partly depends on her skills.

A specific set of nursing duties depends on the work place.

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Who is a nurse practitioner?

It’s the nurse who continued her studies, got the diploma and got the right to open her own clinic or some other place like that.

The other kinds of nurses assist the surgeon during the surgery. She is responsible for helping the doctor any time he needs it.

It probably requires the most responsibility. And most of the nurses prefer this kind of job.

Nurse prepares all the necessary tools, dressings and suture materials for the surgery, makes sure if they are sterile and checks the condition of the equipment. And she gives out the instruments to the surgeon during the operation. The success of the surgery also depends on nurse’s work.


You need not only a good knowledge and skills, but also a strong nerve system and confidence. Moreover, you also need good health. You also have to stand the whole time during the surgery. If the patient has some problems or questions afterwards, they can always ask the nurse.

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Who is a nurse manager?

This nurse supervises the work of all the nurses of the hospital or clinic. She makes schedules, monitors the sanitary condition of the premises, and checks the maintenance and preservation of the medical supplies (instruments and devices).

In addition to the duties, nurses have to keep accounting records, which are also monitored by the nurse manager.

To do this as a professional, the nurse manager must know the details and the specifics of her job.

Although nurse is obviously the doctor’s assistant, the main goal of her work is helping sick people.

This work brings moral satisfaction, especially if it is the work in the hospital. But it's a very hard work, even if you really love it. There is no time for breaks and relaxations in the middle of the working day.

The hardest department to work in is considered to be the ambulance. It’s very difficult to work with the patients who need immediate help.



Nurses have several career options.

You can improve your skills and get a higher salary.

Another option - you can become a nurse manager or the head of the hospital department.

The third option is to continue your education and become a doctor.


Nurses work in the hospitals, clinics, private clinics, child care centres, military units, sanatoriums and other places.

Important qualities


Mercy and compassion for the pain of others is one of the most important qualities of a nurse. The other important ones are attentiveness, punctuality and responsibility.

The good coordination is also important (this is especially important for those who help with the surgeries). Good memory, desire for professional growth, good health and stamina will be very helpful in order to be a good nurse.

Allergies to some medications may be an obstacle for this kind of job.

Knowledge and skills

The nurse has to have certain knowledge of the human anatomy and physiology. She should be able to provide the first aid, carry out the necessary medical manipulations, provide safety and maintain the accounting documentation.


Nurse - as both the doctor - it is a very noble profession, because they care about people trying to cure them. Of course, to be a real nurse, you need to finish school and then get a job. Working as a nurse in the hospital - is not easy, a lot of patients, everyone has his disease, and each of them need to hand out pills and do injections. It's very hard. In addition, those who work or have education nurse nurses can work at home and get a good money. So, the nurse will always be provided with jobs.

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In the early nineteenth century, nurses were called sisters of mercy for their desire to help a wounded warrior without any remuneration. In the troubled time of war, many women joined and came to the front. There they organized centres of the wounded. Nurses often had no medical education, getting the necessary skills already in place under the guidance of doctors available....

That is, the nurse is the person most often in contact directly with the patient and is treating him. When a patient comes to the reception, for example, to the therapist, he always sees the nurse for filling your card — this is her main job in the office of the local doctor. In the treatment room the nurse will be busy with other work — sterilized syringes, taking blood for tests.

Nurse in-demand profession. Even the proud and self-sufficient people, when ill, to become vulnerable. The patient wants to have his not only been treated with pills, put a dropper, do injections, but also moral support. After all, it is true that recovering faster is the one who believes in healing. In this difficult journey nurse provides all possible help and support, caring like a mother about the patient.

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