Who is Nairaland owner?

Who is the owner of Nairaland.com? What do you know about him? Read the article to find out about his life and career.

The Nairaland owner is a well-known man, whose biography and life are public property. His forum is popular and attended resource in Nigeria. People there talk about culture, travelling, celebrities, movies and plenty of other amazing things and issues, which concern Nigerians.

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Nairaland owner biography

Oluwaseun Osewa was born in 1982 in the state of Ogun. Today he is known as a webmaster and businessman. He grew up in Nigeria and learned technologies here. As soon as he has found out about the Internet, such sphere his drawn his attention. He studied electric engineering in the University of Ile-Ife, but left it before his graduation. Many people say that he did so in order to follow his programming dream.

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His career began in 2003, when he immerged into webhosting business. He failed to start his own and left the idea. After this, he wanted to get a certificate, but decided that it was impossible, when he had already tried that creative freedom. This reason made him observe the market and various business ideas. He tried several ideas before finally came to the online forum. For this one he had just enough – Internet and money for VPS.

In 2003, three forums were created by him. One of them was MobileNigeria. There he noticed that it was the only place, where his country brothers could express themselves at home. Lots of other resources had their headquarters and hosting in such countries as the US and the UK. Besides, there was off-topic section, which became even more popular than the website itself. Lots of topics were discussed there. Since then he felt that there should be a special website, devoting to all those issues. That’s why Oluwaseun established Nairaland, general purpose of which was communication between native Nigerians.

The owner planned to get about N60 thousand every month. However, his forum appeared to be fantastically successful and the traffic was much higher than he initially expected. Moreover, the website was so popular that Google payed for the ads there.

In 2012, it turned to be too many topics concerning sex there. So, Google refused to continue cooperation. But Oluwaseun Osewa decided to sell space for ads himself, as lots of other resources do. It is said that he has managed to earn even more money on ads than he had on traffic.

He is also an owner and a founder of one of the most amazing online forum in whole Africa called Nairaland.

In 2013, Osewa was listed in Forbes as one of the most successful African entrepreneurs under 30.

Oluwaseun Osewa


During the time, he was working with Google, he earned about N6 million every month.

In 2011, several companies offered Osewa to buy Nairaland for more than N150 million. The same year, this website was called the most expensive. According to the estimations of the site ranker, it cost about N515 million. Despite such great earnings, this man lives in his native state in the town he was born.

In 2011, Oluwaseun was said to be involved in a criminal affair. But it was just the rumors.

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This wonderful but modest man has managed to reach the top with his own hands. He has never boasted off his power and wealth. Oluwaseun gave all the Nigerians a wonderful chance to share information, opinions and ideas. And we are grateful for this.

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