Why CBN may cause sacking of 2000 airline workers in foreign and Nigerian airlines?

Stuggling with finding a good job? Learn why 2000 people may be sacked by airlines operating in Nigeria.

Today the news of sacking thousands of Nigerian employed in airlines has struck the people. Over 2000 of workers can lose their jobs. Does CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria) has to do anything with it?

 Nigerian airlines?

New CBN fund transfer policy

NUATE (National Union of Air Transport Employees) indicates that CBN introduced a new policy, which stimulates foreign airlines to withdraw their earnings home and cover their operational costs. Due to CBN decision many companies think they would not be able to withdraw their funds to cover their operational costs in Nigeria. So, they would be forced to stop operating on this marking. This means sacking for hundreds and thousands of workers of airlines in Nigeria.

CBN may cause sacking of 2000 airline workers

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As many Nigerians already are struggling with poverty and financial hardships, such situation would only make things worse. Urgent change in policy and proper handling of situation with Nigerian airlines and those of foreign companies is needed to preserve these jobs and prevent massive sacking. 


Of course a lot of people hold on to a job, because now it is very difficult to find in such ochsobenno vremmya where one is not stable economy. And if you get fired in 2000, thousands of people, the loss of so many jobs, it's a very big part of the population is unemployed. People will start to emigrate from the country, and will leave to work in other states. And it should be the opposite, that in his country went all the work, and not because it went. People are very afraid of losing their jobs, they alone can feed his family, and if they lose a job, it will not feed on any denngi.

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