Why over 50 000 workers were sacked in Abuja?

Looking for a job? There are some must read news from Abuja to find out.

Nigerian manufacturers are going through hard times right now. According to the most recent reports, almost 50,000 workers have been fired during the last two months. Moreover, if the situation does not change for the better, much more people may lose their jobs very soon.

 workers were sacked in Abuja?


The information was received during the exclusive interview with Tony Ejinkeonye. He is currently the President of Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Abuja. In this city, situation with sacked workers has taken place. The president confirmed the large amount of discharges. He also mentioned the key reasons of it. That fact is that there are serious problems with the import of essential raw materials in Nigeria.

50 000 workers were sacked

It is said that many companies get more and more vulnerable. Their list includes such giants as Unilever Nigeria Plc, Dangote Cement, Air France, and Emirate Airlines. It has also been mentioned, great number of manufacturers today cannot get an access to foreign exchanges and import necessary products for production. It has led to the impossibility of its maintaining and striking job losses.

striking job losses in Abuja

The outcome

As the experts say, the manufacturing sector will continue suffering. The situation is not changing for the better at all. As ACCI current president claims, something must be done by the Federal Government. Otherwise, the consequences might be terrible. One of the ways out is to revisit the ban list of materials (which contains 41 of them). Moreover, some urgent measures must be taken in about a month. Any delays may become fatal even for big manufacturing corporations.

striking job losses.

Central Bank of Nigeria should give all the possible assistance and support to this sector. Foreign exchanges at least for necessary materials must become available.

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Central Bank of Nigeria

By now, there have not been any shifts from the government. However, the situation might get even worse. This is a great risk for Nigerian economy. Much more people may be sacked soon. Let’s wait to see how everything will develop.

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