Why should we hire you? - 3 secrets of getting hired

If you know what employers are looking for, you can give them just that and get the job you want. Study these tips and be even more successful in life.

Looking for a job? Many companies ask this tricky question: why should we hire you? The right answer would be: because I can deliver value to the company. You should describe the benefits instead of just skills. If you answer it right, you can get the job. This is the perfect time and place to sell yourself.

getting hired interview tips

Many job applicants make the same mistake. They just produce a list of their qualities and skills and present it to an employer or HR manager. You see, these people hear such lists over and over again. Even though they did put together a list of requirements for the job candidate, they had something else in mind.

getting hired interview tips We all are made in that fashion: we are not looking for skills, products or things; we are looking for solutions. An employer has a problem. Let’s say, it’s a foreign company and they have hard time communicating with their Kanuri speaking partners. Surely, they need someone with the knowledge of the local country and logistic skills, as well as the language skills to handle it.

However, honestly speaking, they do not really care for someone’s language skills or cultural background.

What they need is to get that business going and get their massage across. They want to hire the solution for their problem, not a set of skills. Here is a great approach that could help you get right to the core and provide your employer with the solution they look for.

Best approach to job interview:

job interview tips


    It is what you can do or what you know. You start with describing your ability or skill that matches company’s requirements.

    Yes, it is important that you have the qualifications to do the job. You can briefly state them here.

    Read the job description carefully; study the qualities they wish to find in a perfect person for the job opening. Contact HR manager and clarify what exactly do they need? Then craft your cover letter and resume accordingly.

    job interview tips
    This is the next level. Move on from listing your skills to describing the advantages. It is what your skills and abilities would let the company do or achieve.

    For instance, you sell well and you can successfully sell companies’ stuff. Or, you know the local culture and can present the information during the communication in the acceptable form.
    job interview tips
    This is the most important part. It can single you out of all the other job applicants. It is what your skills or abilities can do for the company and how they can benefit the company. It’s the outcomes and results of your abilities you need to know and be able to highlight.

    For instance, you sell well and can upsell on every deal you make and boost profit by 15 percent. This is the exact benefit obtained by the company, if they hire you. Benefits build value and solve problems.  

    You know the Kanuri language, you know the local culture and you can negotiate better deals for the company. You can find the best candidates for jobs in the firm. Or you can close an excellent land deal because of your knowledge.

    Why should we and our company hire you – answer example:

    Tell of your feature: I am great at negotiations.
    Describe the advantage: I can clearly communicate with your clients or partners and come to a mutually beneficial agreement.

Benefit:I can negotiate better prices, better conditions or quicker turnaround time: it saves you money, time and gets your problem solved. Here you can give an example of your past achievements with figures in it. Let’s say, you have closed a wholesale deal and negotiated a better price for your company. Your efforts helped reducing the price by 10% and saved company $50 000.

Your conclusion:If you hire me for the job I can save your company money on wholesale purchases and boost its profit by 10 percent and more. Let me tell you about some of my similar projects I have done throughout my career.  

See, this type of answer can put you out of competition. You get to the core. You identify the problem and offer vital solution. You offer your employer value instead of a set of qualities which may or may not do the job and get that problem solved for them.

Tips to get a job:

  • why should we hire youResearch the company before the interview
    What is their main area of operation? What region they operate in?

    What might be the biggest challenges they are dealing with?

    These questions would help you to identify the problems
  • Study job description
    It is another source of information.

    Again it allows you to understand what problem they are trying to solve and what solutions you can offer.
  • Shape the answer in your mind
    Do not make any written lists of things. Just ponder the problem and try to find one or several solutions that could be meaningful to the company. Remember, you goal is to deliver value.

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So, by now you should know the answer to why should we hire you question.Watch this short video to get more ideas:


Plan on getting job can be composed of two steps. First - how find job, that is find place, where you could be needed and where you have chance of success. Second - how get it, that is how win the competition for right get this place. First of all, about you and your talents should learn possible potential employers. Do this, use proven tool - summary. Second point - interview. Try learn more about company in which you came. At interview you should be cheerful, helpful and polite. Emphasize your side profitable - find way stand out among other applicants.

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