10 most fuel efficient cars

What cars are the most fuel economy? How much do they cost? Read the article to make your choice!

In time of crisis many people are interested in fuel economy cars. And this is a smart choice.

top 10 fuel efficient car

These vehicles help save great sums of money. Look at top 10 fuel efficient car:

BMW i3

fuel economy cars

The cost of this auto makes $50 000-52 000. It is from line of hybrid cars on electric engine. Accumulator can be charged with electro socket.

There is also petrol engine. It is capable to provide fuel economy. The volume of the tank is enough for 320 km. The weight of the automobile makes 1640 kg. This vehicle is very maneuverable, fast and light, and at the same time, it has big spacious salon. It is ideal option for the city.

Volkswagen Golf

fuel economy cars

It is classical model from a line of Golf cars. The price is 25 000-40 000 dollars. The auto is made in the best traditions of Volkswagen Company.

Vauxhall Ampera

passenger cars

The price is 52 000-54 000 dollars. Distinctive feature of Vauxhall Ampera is that engine made of the electro accumulator charges during the operation on the petrol. It allows saving on fuel up to 1 l per 100 km. Weight of the car is 1690 kg. The salon isn't so spacious in comparison with other passenger cars, but it allows transporting up 4 people.

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Mitsubishi Outlander PHEW

SUV car

The price makes 55 000-70 000 dollars. It is one of the most economic SUV cars on fuel consumption, which exist today. It is possible to charge the car both from an electric, and from the engine. During full filling it is capable to pass about 50 km.

Toyota Prius

passenger cars

Today the car is estimated at $30 000-50 000. Toyota Prius is the first of electro vehicles of mass production. The car is loaded with the electric power.

Toyota Prius salon is rather spacious and supplied with 440th liter luggage carrier. At movement the car doesn't create an extraneous noise and is rather maneuverable. Spaciousness is 4-5 people.

Peugeot 308

fuel economy

The price fluctuates from 25 000 to 40 000 dollars, depending on complete set. Peugeot 308 belongs to a line of cars with classical power supply system (it works at fuel). The car corresponds to all environmental standards. It is supplied with system of purification of exhaust gases. The salon is spacious and also intended for transportation of family of 4 people.

Citroen C4 Cactus

passanger cars

The car costs $20 000-25 000. It is necessary to tell about design of Citroen C4 Cactus. It is stood in original style. On doors of the car there are inflatable slips which protect it from blows at the parking. The car interior is capable to transport 6 people.

Kia Rio

passenger cars

The car is designed according to all European standards. This is fine economic option at the budgetary price of 15 000-25 000 dollars.

It is exempted from a transport tax for ecological indicators. It possesses shortcomings such as: automobile is noisy and sluggish. 5 people can comfortably accommodate inside the car.

Ford Fiesta

fuel efficient car

It is the most interesting car from this class with prestigious appearance. Ford Fiesta price is $15 000-25 000. ECOnetic technology is involved in this car. System of expenditure of fuel is typical and classical for all models of this class.

Porsche Panamera

passenger cars

This is unusual car which cost is rather high – about 100 000-200 000 dollars. But the car has minimum fuel consumption. This sedan is the best on market.


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Answered 6 months ago.

How do I love the car. Of this ten most prefer BMW and Porsche Panamera. Yes, every car in its good, but all the same ... Of course, if I gave any of this list, I would not even began to act up, because having a car is much better than walking. By the way, has always been opposed to women drove cars. It is believed that a woman's place beside the driver, not more. But I understand with age, which still need to have a driver's license, because in any life situation happen. Volkswagen golf way too personal.

Answered 1 year ago.

Realizing it is now acute environmental issue, I am very pleased to see the development and implementation of this type of car. Just a few decades ago, no one is not enough, I do not think about it, so still and could not imagine that our future is possible. Of course, the prices bite, there is nothing to hide, but over time I believe the safety of the machine will be more affordable. I sincerely hope that more people will think about the next day, stop being selfish. Now I sleep and I see myself in this beautiful KIA)))

Answered 1 year ago.

Although I am a girl, but the cars were always my weakness. My husband for his birthday gave Nissan the car, but it uses a lot of fuel, because I'm a girl and I always have to go somewhere, fuel uhodti much regretted that my husband has given me this car. Here this article is just suitable for us, because right now we're looking for a bargain version of the machine. Here I really liked the very first, but do not know what else to tell her husband. Thank you for the article, now I will be more oboznatelna in fuel economy.

Answered 1 year ago.
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