Pls Advice: Avalon, Acura 2002-2003 - Which Way To Go Plsss?

hi all,  first all i must say am not a novice on cars but would sincerely wish to seek your advice on the above vehcles which i intend to to select one to  buy.

your advice should be on:

1. maintenance cost

2. affordability (though on a budget btw 1-2m)

3. fuel economy

4. prestige (am a car freak n like to show as in, )

5. second hand value (assuming the cars are well mantained and i wish to dispose off or trade-in, which among them can easy go)

6. any other advice.

am willing to purchase the suggested car(must be tokumbo) immediately after the easter holiday and you may wish to refer me to any good offer.

thx NL and regards for doing good job.

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You are welcome Sir, we have discussed the rest in the chamber of E-mail.


The best i can do is a 2000 Avalon XL (No leather) for N1.5m. I will let other dealers weigh in. It cost about 450k to ship and clear an Avalon. So the N1.2m will not fly at all. At least as far as i am concerned.

Good luck in your search


thx Kunle_A and Flemmmy for that professional advice, have taken your advice and ready to fly within a budget of 1-1.2m for the avalon of my dream,


Among all the choice of rides that you have selected, Avalon would have to be the best choice.

Toyota Avalon is big, stable and powerful. A 3.5-liter V6 pumps out 268 horsepower and 248 pound-feet of torque. A six-speed automatic transmission comes standard. The front-drive Avalon is based on a heavily modified version of the previous-generation Camry chassis.

XL comes loaded with standard equipment. The XLS is more upscale, with premium features including a moonroof and a six-CD changer. The leather-lined Limited serves as the model's top-of-the-line trim.

In road tests and reviews, we've found the Toyota Avalon to be an excellent large sedan. Highway driving is luxurious.

The V6 engine pulls smoothly and powerfully, while posting impressive fuel economy numbers, compared to some other V6 engines, fuel consumption is really good.

Maintenance is cheaper than the rest and being a Toyota product there is technical know how everywhere in Nigeria.

The second hand value cant be compared to any of the other on the list, especially where Nigerians are yet to wake up to Acura.

The Engine has so much life that at 500K Km, it is still ready to go with so much life in it.

We just delivered 2 Avalon to our great customers {One 2001 XLS and another 2000 XLS model } That ride is a machine, and if you are interested, there are more where those came from.

For more info, Femmmy.moto@gmail.com


I prefer Toyota Avalon from ur list


@ poster,

Like i have mentioned before, the Avalon is a very Luxurious Automobile. Very durable and the top of the line Toyota Automobile. Cost of maintenance is very minimal and parts are readily available. You never go wrong with a Toyota.

Looking thru the dealer's network, i am able to present you with this delicious 2000 Avalon XLS. Woodgrain interior.

Its a one owner car with about 117,000 miles. This is slightly lower than the average expected mileage for vehicle of this age.

Vehicle is very clean with a clean CARFAX History.

Vin: 4T1BF28B2YU040637

Landing Cost: N1.85m

My contact is : promise72@yahoo.com

Vin Report:

Vehicle Information:


VIN: 4T1BF28B2YU040637


3.0L V6 FI 24V


Standard Equipment | Safety Options

No accident/damage reported

No accident / damage reported to CARFAX

CARFAX 1-Owner vehicle

CARFAX 1-Owner vehicle

Registered as a personal vehicle

Personal vehicle

Service information available

5 Service records available

Vehicle history information available

14 Detailed records available

Last reported odometer reading/mileage

115,418 Last reported odometer reading

Ownership History

The number of owners is estimated Owner 1

Year purchased 2000

Type of owner CARFAX One Owner Vehicle History Personal

Estimated length of ownership 10 years

Owned in the following states/provinces Nevada, California

Estimated miles driven per year 11,315/yr

Last reported odometer reading 115,418  

Title History

CARFAX guarantees the information in this section Owner 1

Salvage | Junk | Rebuilt | Fire | Flood | Hail | Lemon Guaranteed

No Problem

Not Actual Mileage | Exceeds Mechanical Limits Guaranteed

No Problem

GUARANTEED - None of these major title problems were reported by a state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). If you find that any of these title problems were reported by a DMV and not included in this report, CARFAX will buy this vehicle back.

Register | View Terms

Additional History

Not all accidents / issues are reported to CARFAX Owner 1

Total Loss

No total loss reported to CARFAX.

No Issues Reported

Structural / Frame Damage

No structural / frame damage reported to CARFAX.

No Issues Reported

Airbag Deployment

No airbag deployment reported to CARFAX.

No Issues Reported

Odometer Rollback

No indication of an odometer rollback.

No Issues Indicated

Accident / Damage

No accidents or damage reported to CARFAX.

No Issues Reported

Manufacturer Recall

Check with an authorized Toyota dealer for any open recalls.

No Recalls Reported


Detailed History

Owner 1

Purchased: 2000

Type: Personal

Where: Nevada, California

Est. miles/year: 11,315/yr

Est. length owned: 1/31/00 - 2/22/10

(10 years)


Low mileage! This owner drove an estimated 11,315 miles per year, lower than the industry average of 15,000 miles. These vehicles can be a better value.

Date: Mileage: Source: Comments:

01/10/2000     NICB   Vehicle manufactured

and shipped to original dealer

01/31/2000     Nevada

Motor Vehicle Dept.

Henderson, NV   Registration issued or renewed

First owner reported

05/16/2000   4   Nevada

Motor Vehicle Dept.

Henderson, NV

Title #4314498   Title issued or updated

Loan or lien reported

07/25/2000   5,948   Service Facility

Alameda, CA   Vehicle serviced

07/25/2000     California

Inspection Station

Alameda, CA   Passed emissions inspection

07/26/2000     California

Motor Vehicle Dept.

Union City, CA   Title issued or updated

Registered as

personal vehicle

Loan or lien reported

05/18/2001   11,692   Service Facility   Body electrical system checked

08/27/2001   15,621   Service Facility   Manufacturer's recommended maintenance performed

06/23/2004   37,617   California

Inspection Station   Passed emissions inspection

06/28/2006   57,239   California

Inspection Station   Passed emissions inspection

08/02/2006     Fremont Toyota

Fremont, CA



ww.fremonttoyota.com   Drivability/performance checked

Engine checked

06/16/2007     Fremont Toyota

Fremont, CA



ww.fremonttoyota.com   Engine checked

06/18/2008   81,777   California

Inspection Station   Passed emissions inspection

02/22/2010   115,418   Auto Auction   Sold at auction

in Pacific Region

Listed as

a dealer vehicle


thx for the response Kunle. but can u give me reasons for the Avalon apart from bein a toyota?

pls upload the pix and let me knw if d car is in nigeria asap,



I will suggest Avalon all the way. I can land you a very nice 2001/2002 withing your budget.

Will be back with pics of my offer.


My email is: promise72@yahoo.com

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