World best car

Love autos? Check out top cars from all over the world! The coolest ones of 2016 are gathered here.

Every year there are plenty of different car contests. People always want to see world best car images and find out its characteristics.

bmw 7 series

History of cars

The history of cars began a lot of years ago. In 1768, after the creation of the first and unique steam-powered automobile, the new era began. People were trying to modernize a machine, because they loved to be carried by something accept horses. Since 1768 plenty of things have changed. And modern cars sometimes look like the visitors from the future but not like a simple transport.

World best car 2016

mazda testdrive

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Every year Geneva gathers all the car fans all over the world. Usually March becomes ‘a car month’.  There is The World best car contest. People come to see what car wins and what else companies can show the world. The contestants show all their characteristics and skills in Geneva. ‘The weakest’ ones leave the contest. The best cars go to New York and continue to compete there.

Usually there are five nominations: ‘Sports Car of the Year’, ‘Luxury car’, ‘Eco Car’, ‘Car Design of the Year’ and, of course, ‘World Best Car of the Year’.

World best cars. Images and characteristics.

the best audi

Who doesn’t want to see world best car images and characteristics? The fans couldn’t wait to see the winner. The journalists, who worked with autos and were the real professionals, became the judges. So are you ready to see the winners yet?

Luxury Car of the Year

the best bmw

BMW 7 series

A full-size stylish sedan BMW 7 series won a nomination ‘Luxury car’. Since its introduction, this sedan set a new benchmark among luxury cars. As for now no luxury car can be compare with it. The judges loved its interior and ‘driving’ characteristics. However, there was something that surprised judges even more. It was iDrive 5.0. This is a new infotainment system which ‘understands’ gestures. It is the first commercially installed complex. BMW 7 has plenty of advantages and these ones are only the pieces.

Sports Car of the Year

Audi R8 Coupe

Audi R8 Coupe

This year the winner in the category ‘Sports Car of the Year’ was… Of course, the most powerful and fastest Audi brand car - Coupe R8. The brand has never produced something like that. However, we must say that the victory of Audi was not so sure. German sports car got 205 points during the voting. It allowed Coupe R8 to beat Mercedes-AMG C63, with its 195 points and hatchback Honda Civic Type R, which got only 151 points.

The Best Eco Car in 2016

toyota mirai

Toyota Mirai

This year Toyota's leadership among the ‘green’ models was certain. Check it out yourself: there were two of the Toyota cars among the top five finalists (new hybrid Prius and sedan Toyota Mirai). The last one was the car that jury members vote for. It was the best gift for the new model. This year Toyota is planning to sell about 3000 copies of this car-winner. According to the Japanese plan, 2016 will be only the beginning of the expansion of hydrogen in Toyota models on the global market. Already in 2020 the company is planning to sell about 30,000 sedans Mirai.

Car Design of the Year

best car desing

Mazda MX-5

Kodo is not only the name of the famous Japanese drummers’ ensemble, but also a new philosophy of Mazda brand design. It is foolish to deny that the transition to a new style of Japanese brand cars transformed the autos for the better. People always liked Mazda cars because of the excellent combination of price and driving skills. But a new model with its stylish design can easily become a leader on the market. So who is world best car designer? Of course, Mazda.

World Best Car of the Year

the best car 2016

Well, you’ve been waiting for this. And here is the real surprise! For the first time in the history of the competition the World Car of the Year, one car managed to win in two categories. And this car was Mazda MX-5. By the way, it is not the first victory of this year for the Japanese roadster. Previously in 2016 it was named as ‘The car of the year in Japan’, and ‘Car of the year in the United Kingdom, ‘Cabriolet of the year’ at the Albion.  Mazda MX-5 has already got 30 different awards!

mazda 2016

What cars will we see next year? No one knows. But one thing is certain. These car brands have crazy and unexpected plans for our future transport.


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Answered 5 months ago.

Within the limits of passing these days in new York International auto show the winners of the annual contest "world car of the year" (World Car of the Year).

The competition jury composed of 73 specializing in automotive topics of journalists from 23 countries determined the winners in five nominations: "world car of the year", "Executive car of the year", "Sports car year" "green car of the year" and "Best design of the year".

This year in the main nomination – "world car of the year" – won the Roadster Mazda MX-5, ahead of the final of the Audi A4 and Mercedes-Benz GLC. He also became the winner in the category "Best design of the year".

Answered 1 year ago.

All machines simply awesome! And I'm even afraid to imagine how much each of them, because they are a work of art, it would be just right to stand in museums, not to exploit. I personally prefer the Audi R8 - this is my dream, which I plan to perform soon. Of course, there are different machines, but here I do see the hand of the master, and that master, who is happy to create such a masterpiece and is very proud on the result! I'm excited, I wish everyone in the family for such technical beauty!

Answered 1 year ago.

There is no doubt that all these cars that are listed are very beautiful, even elegant , but I believe that each of us has definitely its own, the best car . And it can be quite simple brand is not expensive, not bought a car dealership - and someone - someone who went to her before . And you 'll love it , blow it with a speck of dust , and wash thoroughly each time . So , here is my opinion. In general , a list of the best cars in the world picked up remarkably . However, I was not all liked))) .

Answered 1 year ago.
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