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English Pfa's Award: Who Will Win?

Who will win from the following list?

1) Joe Cole,

2) Steven Gerrahd,

3) Frank Lampard,

4) Thiery Henry,

5) John Terry and

6) Wayne Rooney

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Which World Cup Team Does God Support?

I personally believe that God wants England to win the World cup. Maybe that is because I am English.

When Argentina won the World cup in 1986, Maradona scored a goal with his hand,  It later came to be known as the hand of God!

England has allot of problems with Wayne Rooney and his broken foot. It seems that he will get to play. If Rooney gets England through to the final and scores the winning goal, will this be known as the foot of God?

Who do you think God supports

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FIFA World Soccer Player Of The Year 2006: Who Will It Be?

The whole world is still looking up to the upcoming, intelligent and young players, whom nobody wants to believe will take over from Ronaldinho.

I think Lionel Messi has all the necessary qualities to be the best in the world. I hope it happens for him because he has great talent and handles himself really well.

What do you think about Wayne Rooney? They [Lionel Messi and Wayne rooney] had problems as boys, but they got their heads screwed on intelligent soccer.

Now who do you think has got the head to believe that he can grab the world best?

moderator: OP needs to speak in simpler, less confusing English.

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English Young Player's Award: Who Will Win?

Here is the list?

1) Cesc Fabregas,

2) Wayne Rooney,

3) Darren Bent,

4) Christano Ronaldo,

5) Anton ferdinand and

6) Aaron Lennon

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