Can You Web Hosting Service Handle This?

Hi All,

I am planning on setting a forum just like this one but which will be for a particular set of people.

Hence,I am inviting all web hosting firms who can meet up this requirement to PM me,with proves,bandwith,cost etc

Minimum System Requirement

To run SMF, the webserver you're hosted on must meet a few simple requirements. These are not terribly high, and as such most hosts meet them.

Any webserver that properly supports PHP, such as Apache or Internet Information Services (IIS).

PHP 4.1.0 or higher. The following directives are required to be set correctly in php.ini:

the engine directive must be On.

the magic_quotes_sybase directive must be set to Off.

the session.save_path directive must be set to a valid directory.

the file_uploads directive must be On.

the upload_tmp_dir must be set to a valid directory.

MySQL 3.23.4 or higher.

at least 512 kilobytes of storage space in the database, although more is highly recommended.

about two and a half megabytes of storage space on the web server, although more is recommended.

Recommended System Requirements

However, for best performance and use, a bit more is suggested. This includes the following:

Linux or another Unix based operating system.

The GNU Aspell and its dictionaries for spell checking support.

Apache with AcceptPathInfo set to On (Apache 2 and later only) for queryless URL support.

PHP 4.3.0 or higher, with the following set in php.ini:

the max_input_time directive is set to a value of at least 30.

the post_max_size and upload_max_filesize directives are set to the size of the largest attachments you wish to be able to upload.

the session.use_trans_sid directive set to Off.

the memory_limit directive is set to at least 8M.

the max_execution_time directive is set to at least 15.

the register_globals directive is set to Off.

MySQL 4.0.15 or higher with query caching enabled.

GD Graphics Library 2.0 or higher.

Client (User) Requirements

To use SMF to its fullest feature set, one of the following browsers which have received much in the way of testing are strongly recommended: (although any standards-compliant browser should be fine.)

Opera 7.0 or higher, 7.5 or higher recommended.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher.

Netscape 6.0 or higher.

Mozilla Suite 1.0.2 or higher.

Apple Safari 1.0 or higher.

Konqueror or Galeon

Mozilla Firefox 0.8 or higher.

The following browsers are still supported, but not recommended because of minor problems or lack of sufficient testing:

Mozilla Firefox 2.0

Mac IE 5.1.7 or higher.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0.

Opera 6.0.

Netscape Navigator 4.0 is known not to work, just as Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0.

For wireless access, any personal assistant which supports WAP/WML, WAP 2, or I-MODE should work. We currently do not have enough test data to compile a list of supported clients.

Additionally, JavaScript and cookies must be enabled for some features to work as intended, although efforts have been made to not require them

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i have a hosting package that has what you have in mind and i can make available to you a bandwidth up to 200GHz, which is much more than what you need.

Also, i can make all the necessary adjustment you require

mail me at roigroupinc@yahoo.co.uk if you are interested.

NB: any evidence that you would need is available on request


We do support per domain custom php.ini . Send us an email.



Thank you quys for all the tips that you've dropped here for me.

My plans is to start a forum like this one.Has any one of you quys hosted a forum?How do you handle the bandwith?

Claims accompanied with proofs will do better convincing me


i can provide you with a very good hosting facility that will provide u with more than what you require. but that will be in 2 weeks time because we are working on somethings

buzz me if u're interested on 08058562158 or afolabi@mcquillonline.com


If you are talking of SMF, then you should have no problem with most Web Hosts. It works with the most basic PHP configuration.

With our Installatron automatic Script Installer, you can have SMF installed in less than 2 minutes.


Get yourself a dedicated machine and play around with the php.ini file as no shared hosting environment will allow you have your custom php.ini without impacting on others even though you can have limited tweaking on your own account but again what others do may most likely still affect you.

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