How to open an Email account – 5 steps to open an e-mail account for Nigerians

Need email? Follow our easy steps to get it now and boost your online communications.

Everybody knows that people can’t live without communication. We always need to share information, emotions and feelings with the others. That is why many people in Nigeria create an email account. It gives you many opportunities. You can not only write to any person you like even if he or she is offline, but also send photos, documents, videos, and many other files.

Email account

Without email, you won't have a chance to subscribe for emails or register on web sites. In order not to miss these opportunities, people keep asking a question “How to open an email account?”

Popular resources

If you say to yourself “I want to open an email account”, you should know about the most usable and safe resources for this. These services may differ according to the features they offer to the users. For example, they can offer very effective spam filters, files storage, mobile versions, fast and intuitive interface, desktop programs, etc. Most of such resources are free.

The most usable email services include:

  • How to open an Email accountGmail,
  • Zoho Mail,
  • Outlook.com,
  • Naij.com
  • Yandex,
  • AIM Mail,
  • iCloud Mail,
  • Yahoo! Mail,
  • Mail.com,
  • Inbox.com,
  • My Way Mail.

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Gmail is considered the most popular service. It is created by Google Company and is absolutely free. It has the function of unlimited online storage, which helps you saving any amount of information and files. It’s possible to collect all the messages and find them without any efforts as well thanks to the smart and fast interface. Moreover, Gmail account gives you a possibility to use Google Play on your Android devices – download apps, games, books, and music. It also provides you access to the other Internet services such as YouTube, Google Drive, and Google Maps. Besides, you can exchange files with other people and even use chat.

Email account Gmail

Zoho Mail is a stable service, which offers enough storage space (unlimited). There's also an opportunity for instant messaging. It is more popular among the professional users, because it proposes very good search, message collecting and organizing functions. It is free too.

Email account Zoho Mail

Outlook.com is a free email service. The main advantages of it are free usage, online storage without limits, and helpful interface. The biggest difference from the other recourses is the function of Exchange ActiveSync, which makes possible the synchronization of the mobile phones with the mailbox. There are flexible categories that help to filter your mail and make the message search and organizing very easy.

 Email account Outlook.com

Naij.com. This is a free place to get your email account. Naij.com is the top trusted online resource in Nigeria. It provides reliable and respectable email addresses and services. The process of registration is easy to go through. You can complete it in just few minutes. And it gives you an access and opportunity to become a part of the top online Nigerian community. Get all the news and fun stuff in one place and connect it with your email.

Email account Naij.com.

Yandex.Mail is a complex service. It is very convenient for users, because it has not only an email service, but also unlimited storage and a mobile application, which give you access to your messages anywhere if you have Internet connection. There are also message templates and reminders. By means of the search, you can find any message you need. Besides, you have a chance to create your own folders. Yandex.Mail also has a good spam filter.

Email account Yandex.Mail

AIM Mail is a free service. Its pros include impressive spam protection, easy interface and unlimited online storage. There are several cons though. For instance, it has no labels or folders. So it lags behind the others a bit. The biggest drawback is that it does not provide encryption.

AIM Mail Email account

iCloud Mail is a free service created by Apple. It has enough storage space, but it doesn't support accessing other email accounts. A very big advantage consists in the full absence of advertisement.

Email account iCloud Mail

Yahoo! Mail is popular email program for web and mobile usage. It has unlimited storage for any files and documents and function of instant messaging. There is also SMS-texting and social network. You will organize you messages by means of labels and smart folders.

Email account Yahoo! Mail

Mail.com is an entirely reliable service. It has a good spam filter, which will protect you from the unwanted mail and viruses. You will also like unlimited storage and mobile application. With the help of rich and user-friendly interface, the work with Mail.com will always be comfortable and simple.

Email account Mail.com

Inbox.com provides you with limited but big enough storage with 5 Gigabytes of space. You may use either web version or a desktop app to get access to the mailbox. This service has all the modern features for searching and organizing your messages, including labels, smart folders, reading messages by conversation, etc.

 Email account Inbox.com

My Way Mail isn't a very advanced service. However, it is quite fast and easy to use. The good thing about it is that it includes a calendar and a task list. Nevertheless, there are adverts in outgoing messages, lacks of smarts folders and labels.

 Email account My Way Mail

Opening an email account

To open an account for email you need, first of all, an Internet connection. Then decide which features in such kind of service you really need. If you need an account just for exchanging messages (for work, for instance), then you can choose the simplest ones, like My Way Mail or AIM Mail. However, if you need an advanced service for storing files, organizing a large amount of messages and so on – choose, for instance, Gmail. To create an email account in the service like, for example, Gmail you need to follow the next advice:

  1. Open the homepage of the chosen service. To create Gmail account, you need to open the page clicking on a link https://www.gmail.com/intl/en/mail/help/about.html.
    Opening an email account
  2. In the centre of it, you'll find a button “Create an account”. Click it.
  3.  After this step, you’ll be redirected to the page, where you will be asked to fill in all the information about yourself. It usually includes your name (the first and the last), your date of birth (including month, day, and year), your gender (male/female/other), your mobile phone, and your email address (in the case if you have one). Beside your personal data, you have to select a username (make sure it is unique and is not taken by the other user), create an appropriate password (strong enough to protect an account). Do not forget to indicate your location (country). Then carefully read Terms of Service (which contains the rights and obligations of the user and the other rules) and Privacy Policy (contains the information about the use of personal data).
    open an e-mail account for Nigerians
  4. One of the last steps includes the verification. You can either use your phone number for it (the message, containing password, will be sent to you) or just type the text or numbers from the image on the page. Then agree with all the Google terms and click “Next step”.
  5. Then you’ll be redirected to the final page and will be able to continue work with Gmail.
    Email account – 5 steps to open


Thus, there are several easy tips that will help you to open the world of email communication. Remember the following things:

  • the best way to open all the advantages of the Internet is to open new email account,
  • before creating an account, decide which features you need (if you need any),
  • choose an email service carefully according to your purposes,
  •  try to know more about the service (which advantages and disadvantages it has) before signing up,
  • during the registration, complete all the input fields and create a strong password,
  • read the Terms and Privacy Policy (to make sure your data will be used within the Google Group only),
  •  enjoy all the features of the email account and never forget the password.

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