How to reveal my Facebook stalkers?

Facebook is the most famous and usable social media all over the world. But do you know that it knows everything about you? Here we are going to tell you how to not let Facebook stalkers collect information about you. Read the article and find out!


Today Facebook is not just a means of communication: here we have fun, work, procrastinate. And although using all the best social network is for free, that does not mean that we do not give anything to return. On the contrary, we give a lot, sometimes without even knowing it.

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Facebook collects about us all possible information and sells it to companies, brands, application developers and technical partners, who then earn on it. However, how they use the data obtained, it is known perhaps only to them. Of course, they won't know your name or phone number, but it's still pleasant enough. If you do not want to become the object of attention and transmit your personal information in the wrong hands, this article is for you.

To limit the information that Facebook sends about you to third parties, you can:

  • To opt-out from advertising tracking.
  • Go to the list of apps you use on Facebook and edit it. By the way, the second step is particularly interesting.


Most likely, you do not even suspect that someone collects information about you. You can be stunned by the enormity of the list of apps and brands, which are very interested in information about me. They want to know where I live, what are my hobbies and what I publish on my page. But let's start with the cancelling of the advertiser tracking. It is easy to do.

Go to settings by clicking on the arrow in the upper right corner of the page:

  • Go to the tab "Advertise". In it, you will see all the possible advertising options and will be able to edit them for yourself by clicking on the appropriate button.
  • Here you will see how your data is used in advertising. This hypothetical example suggests that the author's page friends can see the sushi bar advert, namely the newsletter which he was not signed to. You can choose the option "No", and then no one will know that you subscribe there.
  • Now for the apps. There you will have to work a bit. Click on the lock icon in the upper-right corner of the Facebook page. You will see the "privacy checkup". But let's dig even deeper. At the very bottom of the drop-down menu, click on the 'See more settings".

  • Go to the tab "Applications". Here you will see a list of all companies that follow you on Facebook. Frankly speaking, the number is a bit shocking. Clic on the "Show all", and you will discover the truth. Frankly, you don't even remember signing up for most of this list.
  • Hover over any of the apps, then to the right of the logo there will be two icons — a pencil (to edit) and across (delete). So you can either edit settings or delete it at all, completely blocking the access to your data. However, you will be  surprised at how much you want to know about these apps: they're tracking your status updates, photos, your activity, some even for a career  want to post on your behalf! So, just delete those that no longer enjoy, and finish with it. In some applications, they also offer the ability to delete all your history, previously collected by the brand. Edit each app or completely remove it to access your data. It takes time, but otherwise you will be sharing your private information with all these brands for free.
  • And now for the most subtle settings, which are below, under the list of apps. Here you will find even more editing capabilities, but we will focus on the two most important. You can use Facebook in order to enter the game application and play anonymously. And click on the "Edit" button in the "Apps others use".

  • In the drop-down menu, you will see all the data that share with your friends. By the way, this information is available to the applications used by your friends. Oh my God, why should they know my religious views or preferences? And a bit too much information about me is in the app? City, family situation, that's all...
  • Close access to the data that you want to hide from prying eyes and make it even better.

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