Why social media marketing works better than advertising?

Do you want to promote your company or brand in a proper way? There is a modern way of advertising – in social media networks. Read this article and learn how this method of promotion works!

social networks advertising

Nowadays social networks are mega-popular among Internet users. Social networking offers Internet users new possibilities. Modern social networks are not only searching for old and new acquaintances, or method of online communication. This is radio, and video, and telephony. And if a couple of years ago, every phone had a camera, now there is already a social network. There are the millions of consumers out there, and it is well-known that social media are the most efficient advertising.

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social networks advertising

What are the advantages of advertising in social networks?

Another feature of advertising in social networks is that most of the users, who visit the social resources, are in a psychologically comfortable condition during communication, which creates favorable circumstances for planting advertising.

Advertising in social media is not forcing but recommends something based on the personal experience. Who will not hear a recommendation, from internet friends?

Having the opportunity to discuss given by us advertising in social networks, the Internet user himself becomes a carrier, and, if possible, will transmit it to others. Thus, with proper "seeding" of information in social networks included "word of mouth" and information starts a "viral" way of spreading itself on the Internet.

social networks advertising

The effectiveness of advertising in social networks

Advertising in social networks is more efficient compared to traditional advertising methods because it allows not only to advertise your product, brand or service but also to tell in detail what your competitive advantages are. More important is to tell it not abstract and equally to all, but speak directly with every Internet user individually. It will effectively advertise your product and let all the Internet users know about it.

Advertising in social networks also allows you to improve the reputation of your company or brand. Besides, you will always be able to immediately monitor and track the reaction of Internet users on your product or service, in the form of discussion and comment, and to differ fans and "advocates" of your brand.

social networks advertising

Methods of promotion in social networks:

Because different social media provide different opportunities, there are many ways to gentle, but effective advertising in social networks.

Here are the main, but not exhaustive means of promotion in social networks. They will definitely help you to build your advertising strategy.

1. Content in social networks. Not only search engines (Google, Yahoo), but many social networks provide an opportunity for content advertising at its platforms. We will not tell about the risks and benefits of this type of publicity. Today it has as many supporters as the opponents. We also believe that such type of advertising is more efficient only with the elaborate advertising on the Internet.

2. Official page in social networks. Some social networks provide an opportunity for companies to start their own official (or "fan") page. There are advertising enterprises that are ready to help advertisers with it. They give the clients opportunity to not only to create a page but also provide content support, i.e., constant filling the pages with interesting content. Also, they engage and maintain active communication between users of social networks.

social networks advertising

3. Hidden advertising in social networks. It is an informal advertising method. There is one method, but it has a great variety of tools. They include the creation of groups in social networks potential customers and consumers; or active participation in the life of the already created groups. There is also photos and videos posting, of course, communication between advertisers and Internet users (potential clients). Posting links or quotes to blogs in social networks, allows the advertising companies to conduct a comprehensive advertising campaign for clients, using all the tools SMM (Social Media Marketing) Marketing on the Internet.

So, these are the benefits of social media advertising. Use our tips to advertise your product well, which allow you to have real income! Be always in trend!

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