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Should We Blame Mourhino For Counter Reaction?

Jose Mourhino was once called enemy of football. He had been called so many names.

Please let examine two events that happen in the last 48 hours

1) At Barcelona yesterday,,2002390000-2006100538,00.html   

2) At West Brom last Saturday,,2002390000-2006100633,00.html,,2002390000-2006100537,,00.html

In Barca

Did Jose deserves a police escort or not?

Did anybody see him saying anything?

Please Look at the spitting.

In West Brom

1) What Right has Robson to be asking Jose and his boys  why they were late for the second half? Why can't he complained to the Referee?

2)Please see the "F" word of Robson in the picture.

Lets hear your views about the two incidents

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