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What Is The Value Of Different Sins?

OK, so because of reading a different thread, i was reminded of something that I've been thinking about recently. I notice, that we, as people, put different values on sin. Like, for instance, coveting is better than lying, which is better than hating, which is better than lusting, which is better than committing adultery (even though they are the same sin) which is better than stealing, which is better than committing murder... etc...

People get put in jail, and even are given the death penalty when they murder someone... but you don't even always get in trouble when you lie.

The bible tells us that all sins are equal, that coveting and lying are just as horrible as stealing and committing murder. or if you look at it the other way, committing murder and stealing are just as OK, as coveting and lying.

But in culture, whether it be the worlds, or your specific contries, we put values on the sins. get in more trouble when we do one thing opposed to the other.

So where does this leave us?

We can't use Gods laws as human laws because then everyone would be in jail.

but we can't have murderers and rapists on the loose.

and if you ever go into politics, you have to put your own personal value on each sin, to know where you stand, so you can make decisions.

For instance, (i live in America), in America right now, we are having this whole issue on whether homo-sexuals should be allowed to marry. God says we should treat everyone equally. God also says that marriage is for a man and woman. It is a sin to be homo-sexual, but it's also a sin to lie. We don't permit those who lie from certain privileges. So what right do we have to permit homo-sexuals from a privilege such as marriage?

So, how do we decided, what sin is best. what our values should be, where we stand on political issues?

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