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Would You Do A DNA Testing On Your Kids?

Among the Ashanti of Ghana, children are not recognized as their father's property, but trace their lineage through the matrilineal line. At first, I was that it was an absurd tradition. An interview granted by Nana Rawlings (she was then the first lady of Ghana) that trust was solely lacking in some marriages among the Ashantis did not even make sense to me. Dont get me wrong, I was a teenager then and had not been thrust into the world of betrayal and marital infidelities. I just thought it would be ridiculous if I grew up in Ghana, and then, bam, my father dies, and my mom, including my siblings were kicked out of the house.

As a grown up man, I can't fault their tradition, though I wont adhere to it. On the Oprah Winfrey show, some years back, she had on a guest who narrated a heart rending story to her. He was recently widowed with two daughter and a son, or so he assumed. His two adult daughters were in college when his wife announced that she was pregnant. Naturally, he was excited, an excitement that became intense when he found out that the foetus was a boy. Later on, she gave birth to a baby boy, but died months after her delivery. Devastated, the man told Oprah that it was the month old baby that saw him through the crisis in his life. A year or so later, he received a nasty letter from some guy telling him to return the baby, that it wasnt his. Dumbfounded, he made an investigation and the case landed in court. A DNA was taken and the baby was not his, his wife had cheated on him.

The man, still would not give up on the child he so much loved and the presiding judge agreed with him, so he had to share custody with the real biological father of his wife's baby. He told Oprah that the child sometimes seemed confused (he was past five then) and would ask him who the other man was that was coming to pick him up for visitation rights. Oprah asked him if he had told him the truth that the man was actually his biological father, but he shook his head. So, when he was asked again if he knew that his late wife had been unfaithful, he replied in the negative, but told her that upon investigation, the phone calls, and the trips she had undertaken all made sense to him.

I aint even going to ask any of you if the judge should award custody of the child to the biological father of this child, because I wouldnt (maybe an unpopular view, but I stick to it), but my question is this, would you perform a DNA test on your children?

Even the most confident men sometimes get edgy or even offended if a remark that "The child looks like their mother" is made. But in Nigeria chances of a woman conceiving a child outside the black race is quite slim because of our more than 90 percent black population. Abroad here with different mixture of races, hmmm, sometimes a child with a different color from the father is bound to raise suspicion.

I know I would do a DNA test on my kids, unless they are my spitting image. Heck, if I insist on a prenup, why would I not do a DNA testing on my , that those two are co-related, what will prevent an unfaithful woman from cleaning out her husband?kids? My supervisor at work told me that he wouldnt, because of the trust he would have on his wife, but he will insist on a prenup though. But these two scenarios are co-related, an unfaithful wife may still divorce the husband and take half of his property.

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