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Marriage Without Parents' Knowledge?

Wed Without Blessing?

How important is it to get your parents' blessing before you get hitched?

I know of a girl that didn't tell her parents she was marrying her husband. She said she didn't [care] about what others thought. Is she right? Did you elope without a word? Do you live to regret it?

And mums, dads, family what's it like being the last to know your little baby/sibling has gone and got hitched? Share your experiences.

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An Arranged Marriage: Is It Right?

Arranged marriages are very tough to deal with and you have to stand up to you, your parents and give out your rights. You DON'T have to get an arranged marriage but the only reason why you are getting an arranged marriage is because you want to respect your family.

Don't just respect your family, respect you instincts and yourself. Don't let anyone take over you. You have a brain.

Lots of children that are only about 12-16 years old have to go through an arranged marriage. It is ver tough and hard to go through. You have rights and you only marry for love. Remember, love is only the true thing in life. It keeps you living.

Marry someone YOU love. Don't let anyone else get in the way. That is just my opinion. What do you think about an arranged marriage?? How would you feel if this happened to you and you had to make the decision to stand up to your rights our just bare with it?? What would your deicision be to you and your family?

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