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Asthma Patients. How Do You Make Your Life Bearable?

Some diseases get a lot of attention and subsequently people are aware of how to cater for their suffering loved ones.

Asthma; I don't know how many people 'really' know what an asthma patient feels like; the reactions to dust, pollens, cold food/drinks, fan , harsh weather, colesterol-containing foods,etc, a host of things can trigger an asthma "attack".

People around may be insensitive to these, and may inadvertently make the life of a sufferer worsened. Yet, there is no cure, but numerous suppresants(amyinophyline; ventolin etc)

I would like asthma sufferers, or those who care for them to tell me how they cope; drugs they use, and preventive measures; and testimonies if any has been "healed".

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