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If ur heart is broken,what will you do?

.......why is dat this world is not fera to me,i have been xperiencing heart break now for the past nine when i get frustrated, i sign up and made a vow never to love any other woman again...cause i prefer staying single.....

some times three months ago, as i was going to my school to recieve lecture,i saw a lady at the other side of the road,she has been beating,assulted sexually by some unknown was so dirty that she couldn't help her self but to cry/......

so when i saw, i remember my vows never to talk 2 woman.......but i felft pity for her, so i moved towards where she was sitting crying all here eyez out.i called her and ask where and what she was doin there at that how of the day cause the sun was almost goin to set when i coincidently met her in that situation......

so she narrated her story to me, and been a soft person, i admitted her instead of me to go to school, i turned back home wiv i board a taxi straight to my single apartment in festac town-lagos(nigeria).

so she washed her self up and frenshen up...i prepared some noodles for the two of us and later we are watching nigerian films...she feel so tired , so she pleaded to stay a nite in my house...i can tell her to go away so i accepted......

two days later,she told me she will like to stay till the end off the week before she will find her way....i also accepted....but at the end of it all, i caught her sleeping wiv my best friend's boyfriend.......i was so angry i asked her to leave....she pleaded ..i forgive finally when she left,,she stole my only money i had all my life.....ever since then, i have vowed never to help any lady again...she also broke my heart.......

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