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802.11b Wireless ISP CPE: How To Build?

Need Info On 802.11b Wireless Isp Equipment

I work with a wireless ISP in Lagos, and I have been assigned some R & D task: finding out modalities of a cheaper Customer premise equipment.

At present we use the airBridge TOTAL from, but it costs $300 (approx. 44,000 after shipping).

Is it possible to build your own, using antenna, cable, pigtail and PCI card? I know some ISP's use a similar setup.

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Career In Information Technology Or ACCA Certification?

Hi every body i really need your advise so i can move on with my life.the story goes thus:

i am a graduate of mathematics with statistics from the univ of ibadan.i use to work witrh limited an IT firm that deals in broadband wireless internet service.i went for my NYSC orientation camp some weeks ago,my dad helped me in getting a job in ernst and young nigeria now i am confused if i shuld remain in the IT world by starting out some certification exams or start doing ACCA which initially i wanted to do before i graduated?

Please advise me honestly. Thanks.

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