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"Do Not Speak Indigenous Languages To My Child": How Right Are Such Parents?

Most parents nowadays discourage speaking local language to their children. How right are they?

As for me I will never speak English to my children, never. They have to learn to speak, write and read in the father's/mother's language. I am a Yoruba man- Odu'a Tokan tokan- and will never relegate my culture to the background. Yoruba Language is very rich- how u respect, greet and conduct yourself.

An average Ibo girl or Boy will always discuss with her/his parents in their local language even if they have never being to their village. An Hausa man is ever ready to teach u his language.

International a french man is very proud of his language likewise the German, Dutch, Korean, Chinese, Japanese e.t.c

Their performance in school is never affected. Prof 'Wole Soyinka and Chima Achebe parents never spoke english to them when growing up, but today they are international literature Icons.

In sociaolgy, there is something called Boundary Maintanance i.e. u preserve that which is your culture from external aggregation. Language is an emboardment of ones culture. It must be preserved. To my mind our problem is that of class, we want to be what we are not.

Do not get me wrong the children must be taught English and French Language as well in order to be part of the global village. But not to relegate our local Languages.

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