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Which World Cup Team Does God Support?

I personally believe that God wants England to win the World cup. Maybe that is because I am English.

When Argentina won the World cup in 1986, Maradona scored a goal with his hand,  It later came to be known as the hand of God!

England has allot of problems with Wayne Rooney and his broken foot. It seems that he will get to play. If Rooney gets England through to the final and scores the winning goal, will this be known as the foot of God?

Who do you think God supports

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Of What Influence Does Wags Have On England Team?

The Three Lions are in the Quarter finals.

Many football followers still think they have not peaked Yet.

They are called WAGs( Wives and Girlfriends), They follow their English men to the World cup, in fact Living in a Hotel in Baden-Baden.

1) Elen Rives : Frank Lampard's Fiance

2) Collen Mcloughlin : Wayne Ronney's girlfriend

3) Carly Zucker : Joe Cole's Girlfriend

4) Cheryl Tweedy: Asley Cole's girl

5) Melanie Slade : Theo Walcott's girlfriend

6) Abigail Clancy : Peter Crouch's Girlfriend

7) Victoria Beckham : David'd Wife

And many others.

Of What Influence do they have on their Patner's Performance?

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