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Does Nigeria Really Need Another Satellite Now?

With poverty and unemployment of gifted graduates plaguing the land, the last thing we need is a satellite that "monitors disasters." we already have lots of disasters. i consider the present brain-drain one of the top on the list of disasters. in some quarters, people will argue that nigeria needs the image and prestige. sure, we need the prestige. why not start a well-planned car-manufacturing project. nigeria is capable of producing its own automobiles. this will go a long way in providing jobs for our youths. why can't the govt. gather world-class nigerian engineers and investors around the world to make this dream a reality?   

However before this can be done, we need stable power supply, which nigeria is capable of providing if the govt. gets its sense of focus and priority right. there are lots of prestigious projects that nigeria can embark on, which will benefit the hungry masses on nigerian soil. do we have citizens in space?

give your views about this topic, people.

PS: I little bit of idealism can be tolerated.

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